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Your Business’s Secret: Better Document Shredding

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Protect your business’s confidential information with regular scheduled shredding services from a professional commercial paper shredding company in Baltimore. Scheduled shredding not only ensures that your sensitive documents do not pile up, keeping the organization at all times heightened, and of course increased safety levels at your office. It also protects your employees and business from the hazards of improper paper disposal. Paper shredders prevent information theft by completely cross-cutting the paper once it’s inside the shredder, thereby making it impossible to reconstruct the paper using any other tools. Professional shredders also eliminate office paper jams and improve document flow and organization.

Why Shredding is a Well-Kept Secret

One of the main reasons that many businesses do not turn to scheduled shredding is that they do not have an understanding of the benefits of this service. Many small businesses do not realize how much paper their current organizational system can handle, and how much time it takes to shred paper regularly. The number one benefit of scheduled shredding is that it reduces waste because paper can be shredded while it is still in the process of being created. If you are using multiple different machines for shredding different types of documents, this will drastically cut down on your waste.

Another benefit of scheduled shredding is that it is very cost-effective, especially for businesses that do not store large amounts of documents. When paper is shredded on a regular basis, a large amount of paper can be eliminated from your office, saving you money on paper, ink, electricity, and space. In addition, shredders often come with a professional shredding company, allowing your shredder to be emptied and serviced when you need to. You should not have to pay an arm and a leg for professional service, as these companies should be reputable and able to provide a high level of service. Schedule the shredding services when you need them most, to ensure that your files are destroyed on schedule, and always keep the number for your local shredder in a safe place, just in case of an emergency.

A third of the benefits of document shredding is that it increases the security of your business. Most criminals do not want to be seen disposing of documents that have been shredded, so shredders can help protect you from anyone that might try to steal your information. Your business will be protected against identity theft, and the shredder can be placed anywhere in the office that is visible to any employees. Because it is cost-effective and very easy to use, scheduled shredding can help your small business reduce the amount of paperwork that it produces on a routine basis, which can save valuable time and money in the long run.

When Should You Shred?

Many companies also choose to schedule shredding at certain times of the week. For example, companies that receive a lot of paperwork during the holiday season may choose to schedule the shredder after Christmas. The shredder will shred all of the holiday cards, wrapping papers, and envelopes that come into the office. This ensures that all of the paper documents are destroyed on the day after Christmas, and none of the documents will have the chance to be shared with others.

Preventing the destruction of important information is another benefit of shredding documents. It will prevent you from being held accountable if the information in the paper is lost or stolen. Shredders are not known for bringing back lost or stolen documents, so it is very unlikely that this will happen. This can prevent costly litigation if the information is lost or stolen because you won’t be able to take the case to trial. Scheduled shredding of your paper can reduce the number of hours that you need to print out documents, which will save you money on paper, ink, electricity, and more. The shredder will also prevent you from replacing damaged paper with new paper which can also save you money.

There are several benefits of scheduled shredding that you should consider. Scheduled shredding allows you to make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the time that you have daily. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of shredders while saving time, money, and paper.