Residential Shredding

We Can Help You Destroy It All For Good

We can help you destroy it all for good.

Destroying all documents that have been stored past their life cycle can help you save on storage costs and eliminate unnecessary vulnerability to theft.

If you’re throwing documents away (even if you use a recycling bin), your information is not secure. Once it’s out on the curb for pickup, virtually anyone can rummage through your trash and steal what they like. Our residential shredding service preempts this possibility by guaranteeing that your documents are cross-cut and securely removed without ever being put at risk or left unprotected.

We provide exceptional document shredding services to our residential clients in Baltimore, Washington and Northern Virginia.

We offer flexible service options to our residential shredding customers. Choose from either regularly scheduled or on-demand purge services to accommodate your needs.

On-Site Residential Shredding

For our on-site services, we dispatch our state-of-the-art document shredding trucks to your home along with professional technicians that will safely and properly destroy your documents without compromising the security of your information.

Our trucks shred up to 4,500 lbs of paper hourly, and the process is performed under video camera surveillance for your peace of mind.

How Does It Work?

Our Residential Shredding Process

Document Shredding Is Easier with Chesapeake Paper Systems in Baltimore, Washington and Surrounding Areas


Call us when you need us.

When you call our professionals, we’ll arrange a time that’s appropriate for your schedule. Once the date arrives, we’ll come directly to your location. The more frequently you dispose of sensitive documents, the more protected your information remains.


We’ll move it to our truck.

Our uniformed technician will collect and transport your documents in a locked bin to our mobile shredding truck for immediate destruction. We can shred as much as 4,500 lbs of paper per hour.


Watch your shredding.

Your documents are destroyed moments after deposit, eliminating any risk of compromise. You are invited to monitor the entire process.

Once complete, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Destruction, verifying their total and complete disposal.

Protect your personal information with the help of Chesapeake Paper Systems shredding experts.

What You Should Shred

When people are unaware of potential risks, numerous documents are discarded unsafely. The problem with these documents arises with the time and manner of disposal. In the wrong hands, sensitive information could lead to identity theft. Consider the following list when compiling paperwork for your residential shredding service.

  • Documents containing social security, and personal contact information
  • Pay stubs
  • Receipts with contact information
  • Credit card statements
  • Voided checks, bank and deposit statements
  • Investment or stock transactions
  • Tax forms and tax returns
  • Utility bills, including electricity, water, heat and garbage disposal
  • Outdated resumes
  • Applications for pre-approved company credit cards
  • Any item containing a signature
Residential Shredding
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A trusted member of NAID

NAID AAA Certified

We are a certified member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) thus we maintain the highest industry standards while meeting all the federal and state requirements.

Client Testimonials

I had many questions.

“Joe came with the truck that handled all the shredding. He was very polite, patient and professional with me, given I had many questions, before and during the process. It was really fascinating to watch the hard drives being shredded via a video monitor. After Joe collected the shredded remains of the hard drives, he showed it to me. WOW! Even watching the paper shredding process was fascinating. JOB WELL DONE!!! I definitely will be recommending them to anyone who asks me.”

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