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Shredding Is Our Expertise

Engaging a professional company for your document shredding needs, helps in combating against identity theft and other security issues.

Chesapeake Papers Systems is a valuable resource against identity theft. Even in today’s technological age, companies still use large amounts of documents to record client, customer, vendor and other important business information. In the wrong hands, the smallest piece of data could result in a major security breach for your business. Protect your company’s confidentiality through a simple and affordable solution.

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A trusted member of NAID

NAID AAA Certified

We are a certified member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) thus we maintain the highest industry standards while meeting all the federal and state requirements.

How Does It Work?

Shredding Process

Document Shredding Is Easier with Our Team


Let’s make a schedule.

When you call our professionals, we’ll schedule a time that fits your schedule to arrive at your location. We offer our services on a daily, weekly, monthly or on a request basis schedule. The more frequently you dispose of sensitive documents, the more protected your business remains.


We’ll empty your bins.

We will place complimentary locked consoles or bins  throughout your office, in high-traffic areas. When scheduled, our uniformed technician will empty your consoles and transport your documents in a locked bin to our mobile shredding truck for destruction.


Watch your shredding.

Your documents are destroyed moments after leaving your building, creating absolutely no risk to you. Did you know that we can shred as much as 4,5000 pounds of paper each hour?  We make it possible for our clients to witness their documents being destroyed. We encourage and invite you to monitor the entire process.

Our prompt, professional and friendly, Chesapeake Paper Systems experts are available to help you keep your company safe and secure.

What You Should Shred.

We can help safeguard your company by shredding important documents. Consider the following list when collecting your documents for proper disposal.

  • Employee identification records, social security, and personal contact information
  • Employee pay stubs
  • Receipts from company sales
  • Credit card statements
  • Voided checks, bank and deposit statements
  • Customer contact information
  • Investment or stock transactions
  • Tax forms and tax returns
  • Company’s utility bills, including electricity, water, heat and garbage disposal
  • Outdated resumes from individuals who were not hired into the company
  • Applications for pre-approved company credit cards
  • Any item containing a signature
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Why Use a Document Shredding Company?

Using professional document shredding company, Chesapeake Paper Systems provides you with many benefits.

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Lower Employee Risks

An employee, who accidentally throws a document in the trash, fails to shred, or leaves an important file out poses a risk. Chesapeake Paper Systems installs locked consoles. Your employees simply need to drop the documents into the console for professional shredding.

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Saves Time and Money

Along with lower risks, our locked consoles are a cost effective solution for your company. You do not need to pay an employee to shred confidential documents. Our Chesapeake Paper Systems document shredding professionals handle the entire process.

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Secure Process

Locked bins are transferred directly to our mobile shredding truck, while our specialists shred all your confidential documents within minutes. You are welcome to watch the process to ensure the highest level of security.

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Scheduled Services

Our Chesapeake Paper Systems offers scheduled document shredding services to fit your company’s need. We can arrive every day, week, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed.

Environmentally Friendly

Chesapeake Paper Systems participates in recycling efforts. By securing recycling shredded documents, we do our part to preserve the environment.

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Our Clients Testimonials

I had many questions.

“Joe came with the truck that handled all the shredding. He was very polite, patient and professional with me, given I had many questions, before and during the process. It was really fascinating to watch the hard drives being shredded via a video monitor. After Joe collected the shredded remains of the hard drives, he showed it to me. WOW! Even watching the paper shredding process was fascinating. JOB WELL DONE!!! I definitely will be recommending them to anyone who asks me.”

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Our knowledgeable staff will help determine a shredding program that meets your needs, schedule and budget.