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How Does a Mobile Shredding Service Shred All Types of Paper?

Pile of shredded documents

Mobile shredding services offer a wide variety of different advantages to allow you to shred your personal documents safely. Mobile shredding service companies take the extra step to destroy any documents that are in the process of being shredded. The shredder will cut up the documents and place them into a container that will be sent to a recycling center. Most mobile document destruction service companies will destroy the documents before you get them as well. This is a precaution to safeguard the sensitive documents that you provide them with.

On-Site Document Destruction

If you’re looking for absolute security, a professional paper shredding company should be able to protect all of your important documents at their shredding facilities. They will have on-site security with several high-tech security measures in place. The most common measures include video monitoring, an alarm system, and a team of highly trained professionals who are onsite twenty-four hours a day.

Mobile Shredding Trucks

There is more than one type of mobile shredding service truck. Some specialize in big shredders that can shred up to thousands of sheets of paper at one time. These machines are usually used by large corporations and law enforcement agencies. Other shredding companies make use of smaller shredding equipment that shreds paper into very small pieces. These machines are great for home and personal use because they are easy to transport and they are able to get rid of large amounts of paper at one time.


With mobile shredding, you always get to see the process unfold. Hiring a mobile shredding service company requires trusting that they properly handle it and that they follow it with safety and security. You never know when someone will receive copies of your personal documents, or when they will break in or steal the documents themselves. That is why it is important that you hire the best shredding service in town.


Mobile shredding service providers usually provide a variety of different machines for different purposes. The most common types of equipment used by these services are paper shredders, plastic shredders, and cross-cut shredders. A shredder will generally consist of three main components.

One, the motor which is responsible for turning the machine on and off, is located on-site, so the company must pay to have it installed. Two, the blade is secured inside the shredder housing and it is the area that the customer accesses. Lastly, there are secure containers that contain the shredded documents. It is important for the mobile shredding service to provide their clients with a secure container in order to transport the documents from one location to another.


When shredding documents it is important to have a highly secure environment in which to perform the process. It should contain multiple security measures including a loud alarm, lights, and fences so that someone is always aware of what is going on. Mobile paper shredding services should also provide a large space for employees to work. All of this will ensure that documents are not lost or misplaced, as well as prevent customers from being in a position in which they could become the victim of theft.

Mobile shredding is an excellent way to protect business and personal information. Paper shredding trucks are able to quickly and easily transport documents in a safe manner from one location to the next. These trucks come with high-powered shredders that shred paper up to 3 inches thick. Most paper shredding services use high-security shredders in order to keep the information confidential.

Secure Bins

Most services offer secure bins in which documents can be shredded. The bins are large, solid, and have a locked lid. These bins are made to be very hard to open from the outside. A shredder is placed inside the secure bin, and the paper is shredded until it is completely gone.

Destruction of Business Records

When a customer asks for the destruction of business records, the service will first check to see if the records are truly deleted. If they are not deleted, the service will request a receipt. The receipt will state that the records were destroyed and the customer will be billed for the total cost of the destroyed records. This method is used because it is a simple process to determine if the records were actually deleted from the computer. However, it is also a one-time event.

When shredding large amounts of paper, companies may choose a shredding service that uses paper shredding machines. The shredding machines are often called paper shredders. They are large, powerful machines that shred paper into smaller pieces than what can be destroyed by a shredder. The shredding machines are stationary and cannot be moved around to destroy different papers.