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The Benefits of a Mobile Shredding Service

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Mobile shredding is among the most helpful services which offer unmatched security. Yet, the funny thing is there get many more questions regarding what mobile shredding actually is. So, this article is going to clear it all up: exactly what mobile shredding consists of, how you want secure document shredder boxes, and some other options other than mobile shredding which may work better for you. After reading this article, you should have a good idea of what mobile document shredding is and what its purpose is. Plus, you should also have an understanding of what identity theft prevention is all about. This information will definitely come in handy when you need to choose a mobile shredding service.

High-Quality Paper Shredding

When you need a mobile shredding service, you want to look for what type of shredder they are using. They can either use mobile or desktop shredders, but it would be safer for optimum protection if you go with the latter since you do not want your important documents to get into the wrong hands. Using desktop equipment can compromise your entire system since documents are shredded on the physical hard drive.

Another question which you may be wondering is why secure containers for document shredding are needed. Secure containers for mobile shredding service come in handy especially in situations where there is a chance that the people working at the job could also be targeted by identity thieves. If they use their mobile shredders in a secured container, then identity theft is prevented. Also, consider the amount of money that needs to be invested. What is more, it will also protect you from the costly task of having to replace expensive hard drives which are completely destroyed.

When choosing a mobile shredding service, make sure that you know how your documents are being shredded. Secure document shredders shred paper documents while keeping the original copy. Some companies will even allow you to have one document shredded while having the rest of your papers shredded. This is ideal when you want to minimize the chances of anyone reconstructing your important documents.

Mobile Shredding Trucks

Mobile shredders also have mobile shredding trucks, which will come to where you are. With this advantage, your work area is secured and safe from any type of threat whether they come in the form of identity theft or a malicious virus. Secure containers for document shredders are made in such a way that they can also shred any type of plastic media. The trucks come equipped with large shredders for larger jobs. These shredders are able to shred paper, CDs, DVDs, and any other type of media that can be destroyed.

With mobile shredding service, you no longer need a portable office shredder as these trucks are designed to shred any materials that are too large to fit into most office shredders. These trucks come equipped with large industrial shredders. They can easily shred paper, plastic, and any other type of media that can be shredded.

100% Complete Privacy

If you want total privacy while your sensitive documents are being shredded, then mobile shredding services are perfect for you. You can shred any type of documents and papers that you want as long as they are in plastic bags. Most mobile service companies have shredders that are equipped with scanners that will effectively decipher any secret messages in your documents. Using their large industrial shredders, they will securely shred any document and paper you want.

Mobile shredders come with bins in which you can securely store your sensitive information. Most of these bins come with secured locks and filing cabinets so that your documents are safe from theft or burglary. You can also choose bins that have shutters for additional security. These closed bins will further safeguard your sensitive information until it can be safely shredded.