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Why Do You Need A Residential Shredding Service?

Pile of shredded paper - privacy

Commercial and residential shredding service providers to provide fast, convenient, and affordable document destruction. They are available in most cities throughout the United States. When you have a lot of papers, it is best to shred them all at once. This will save you time in the long run. You can also cut down on waste disposal by having one service takes care of all the paper cutting that needs to be done. This way, you do not need to hire more people just to get rid of your unwanted papers.

Residential Shredding Options

Residential shredders come with different options for different jobs. Commercial shredders provide secure document destruction at home or a business site. The options range from basic shredders that shred paper into thin pieces to more complex options that destroy paper using electromagnetic beams. Residential shredders offer convenience in a pick-up at your location or on-demand destruction. You can either order your shredding appointment online or drop off your documents at any number of locations throughout your city.

Document shredders have become a popular choice among homeowners who are worried about identity theft. Homeowners can shred their own documents as well as those of friends and family. Document shredders are also convenient for people who work from home because it’s very accessible and there is no chance of losing important paperwork. Shredding your own papers can also be convenient because it helps you keep track of the piles of papers that pile up in your office. It can also be convenient if you want to shred personal papers that contain private information that only you and your family should have.

Why is Residential Shredding Necessary?

At first glance, it may not seem like residential shredding service companies are necessary for sensitive documents. After all, what is the purpose of having a secure destruction facility when you don’t need to store such documents? Actually, there are several good reasons for doing so. First, homeowners need to be aware of the dangers posed by identity theft. Secure destruction facilities can help homeowners safeguard their most valuable possessions, such as financial documents and social security cards.

Identity theft occurs when a criminal has your personal or financial information to use for his own gain. Criminals can use such information to obtain credit or open bank accounts in your name. Security measures such as identity theft alarms and stickers can be effective tools in deterring identity theft and helping you recover the stolen property. However, the easiest way to prevent such crimes is to safeguard your most important documents. Bank and credit card statements, for instance, should be destroyed in a secure environment immediately after shredding to avoid being photocopied.

High-Quality Document Protection

If you use social security or tax records, shredding them yourself can also be convenient because most government agencies will not accept destroyed documents as valid identification. Moreover, shredded documents contain sensitive personal information that can put both you and anyone who may be interested in getting a copy of your documents in serious danger. By shredding your documents yourself, you eliminate the possibility of being accused of identity theft. Shredded paper also reduces the risk of fire hazards posed by the paper that may have been stored improperly.

In addition, shred papers at home to save the environment. Trees are eventually harvested for the manufacturing of paper. To reduce your carbon footprint, it is better to shred paper at home rather than throw it away.

Finally, paper shredding is an affordable method to prevent identity theft. It is important to note that these machines are not cheap, and homeowners may need to spend a few hundred dollars to purchase a shredder. Also, such equipment takes up valuable room in one’s house or office. When purchasing paper shredders, make sure that it is the right size and model for your needs. Check out shredding companies online to learn more about their products so you can make the best decision for your home or office.