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The Advantages of a Mobile Shredding Service

businesses should use a shredding service

Mobile shredding is a growing trend in the security industry. You see it in TV, newspapers, magazines, and even on the newsstands. But why is mobile shredding so convenient? Why are so many companies choosing to use mobile shredding services?

The answer lies in how paper and document shredders work. They have a large rotating shredding wheel that is capable of shredding paper into smaller pieces. To work, the machine needs to make several passes over the piece of paper. Once the data destruction is complete, a portable container or storage unit is placed underneath the device for safekeeping.

Professional Grade for Serious Security

This type of data destruction is often associated with companies that deal with sensitive documents. Companies such as the CIA, FBI, IRS, and others use mobile shredding service in order to protect confidential information. Those agencies must rely on professional shredding services because it can be very difficult and time-consuming to manually shred documents. It is also not cost-effective to hire a staff of personnel to manage this task. The best solution would be to outsource this task to a company that specializes in mobile shredding machines.

A mobile shredding service offers many benefits to businesses. One benefit is reducing waste by eliminating paper. This is particularly helpful in large metropolitan areas where landfills are filling up at an alarming rate. If you eliminate paper from your business, you’re also eliminating the need for more landfills.

Another benefit is the security that mobile shredding services provide. When a paper shredder is used professionally, it provides the same level of security as a regular desktop shredder. These devices are equipped with safety features that prevent identity theft and ensure your data is not leaked or compromised.


The mobile shredding service also offers paper recycling. Many companies realize how many paper products they are throwing out each year. By using mobile shredding machines, you can help reduce the number of paper that are dumped into landfills. In addition to helping the environment, mobile shredding services also help save money by reducing costs associated with paper recycling.

There are many different mobile shredding service options available. You can choose a company based on reputation, experience, or price. It’s important to compare mobile shredding services to get the best value for your money. With so much competition, there are more than a few companies out there that offer top-notch mobile shredding services.

With a mobile shredding service, you can quickly and easily dispose of personal and confidential information. This is especially critical if you work for a small business that requires sensitive information to be destroyed. There is no longer a need to hire an expensive shredder. Instead, simply use a high-end mobile shredding service and dispose of any important documents safely and securely.

Fast & Effective Document Shredding

One of the best things about mobile shredding services is the speed at which they work. Once an item has been shredded, it is literally destroyed from the moment the device makes contact with the material. This means that there is no pre-determined time period for destroying the document. Instead, once the device makes contact with the material, the shredder takes care of the job. This is important because any sensitive information would certainly be destroyed sooner rather than later.

Another benefit of choosing a mobile shredding service is the security that is provided. Typically, the company will install a security system that will ensure all documents are destroyed at the same time. This is done through a scanner that allows the machine to see exactly what is inside of the paper. If anything is found, the document will be destroyed immediately.

Choose Chesapeake Paper Systems for Your Shredding

There are several different mobile shredding service providers available. It is a good idea to make sure the one you select is established and reputable. To find out whether or not the company in question is secure, you can look up customer reviews online. Those that have experienced firsthand the benefits of a mobile shredding service may be able to offer some helpful advice to those looking to find one.

Finally, it is a good idea to check the cost of using a mobile shredding service. Most companies charge according to the amount of paperwork they will shred. However, you should take into consideration the time it will take for the shredder to come to your location. If you need your documents destroyed quickly, then you might want to consider a company that charges by the hour. When in doubt, just call and ask about their pricing.