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Basic Document Destruction Tips for Home and Company Use

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Document destruction is a hot issue these days, as hackers obtain and destroy documents that are on the company’s desks. Companies have many safeguards in place to try to prevent the exposure of their confidential information. Many companies store sensitive material on computers or hard drives, rather than shredding the physical document. This poses a security risk and compromises the confidentiality of your company if it’s not protected with document shredding.

Document shredding in Baltimore offers robust protection against threats. Because of our security program at the city level, only those who need access to a specific document are given access to it. That way, the company can make sure that only the intended recipient has read the document. And with shredding services available to book on the internet, it’s easy to shred a document for a small fee.

Part of Information Management

Document destruction is just one part of the overall security program at many companies. One of the primary concerns of companies is the theft of sensitive personal and financial data. In addition, companies are concerned about the exposure of their intellectual property in the wrong hands. By shredding documents, we can reduce the risk of either of those problems.

Document shredding is effective because of the paper cutting equipment. Typically, shredding machines shred all document edges, including the paper binding. The result is a document that is almost impossible to re-create. Only documents that contain information that can’t be restored are truly destroyed. But even documents that can be reconstructed can be sensitive information that can put your business in jeopardy if it’s compromised.

Document shredding is carried out by professionals who use specialized equipment. Depending on the sensitivity of the document, the company may need a team of personnel to destroy the document. Companies with sensitive documents often employ security consultants to manage document destruction. There are even companies that specialize in shredding paper. In any case, hiring a document destruction firm is a good business practice.

First Shredding, Then What?

You need to know what kind of documents you need to be destroyed. Your company probably doesn’t need sensitive corporate or confidential information destroyed. In fact, you want to keep that information in physical form rather than putting it on a computer that anyone can access. If you want to secure highly sensitive information, you’ll probably want to shred the papers before throwing them away. Otherwise, the information could be retrieved by an unscrupulous employee.

Once documents are shredded, they’re gone for good. Companies may choose to shred records rather than burn them. Even though paper shredding is effective, some companies choose to incinerate documents rather than shred them. You can also purchase document shredding equipment that will turn a paper document into dust when it’s removed from your computer.

No matter what option your company chooses for document destruction, you should make sure that the process is done properly. You don’t want to destroy important information just to have your information saved on a disk or hard drive. Also, try to use an experienced document destruction company to make sure your information is completely destroyed. A good company will be able to shred all your documents and make no remnants.

The company should also use high-tech equipment to shred your documents. Some companies use electromagnetic equipment to destroy the document. The high-tech equipment will literally cut the paper into very small pieces. After the destruction is complete, the pieces are then placed into protective bags. You’ll be able to retrieve the bags after the document is removed from the company.

You may also choose to shred documents yourself. This is a perfectly acceptable method. Just be sure you fully understand the destruction of any documents that you intend to shred. Some states require that you shred certain documents at government facilities before you can start shredding them.

Ultimately, you must be very careful about document destruction. If you must shred certain documents, do so in a very secure environment. Then, follow up with a professional company to ensure your documents are destroyed. You don’t want anyone gaining access to your files after the shredding is complete!