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What Are Secure Containers and Why Are They Helpful?

File folder container with a secure lock on it

If you’re a large business or even a small business, you tend to work on a lot of documents that have personal or confidential information on them. When you are dealing with that kind of information, it’s essential to do everything you can to protect that data from it being used in a negative way, like identity theft.

So how do you go about protecting your sensitive information? Using document shredding is a sure way to accomplish this. By using a scheduled shredding service, it’s assured that your personal information is protected. But how do you protect your documents before your scheduled shredding appointment? The answer is secure shredding containers. Let’s take the time to explain everything you need to know about secure containers and why they are so helpful. Also, we will talk about why document shredding is so important and what a scheduled service is and how the secure containers tie in with that service.

Why Use a Document Shredding Service?

A professional document shredding service provides one of the most secure ways to safeguard your documents from theft and identity theft. A secure document shredding service destroys documents quickly and efficiently. When you store your documents in secure containers, you are ensuring that your information and papers are stored in a safe and secure condition—security measures to prevent identity theft, which is one of the fastest-growing crimes in America.

What Are Secure Containers?

Many businesses store their important documents in lockable containers. To store documents effectively, companies utilize lockable containers. A lockable container is an effective way to keep documents because it effectively and securely locks documents inside the container. If criminals were to try and break into a lockable container, the lock would protect the documents inside.

These secure containers also come in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one to fit the office space you have. The professional shredding company that provides the containers will work with you in helping you find the right container if you are unsure about which one would suit your needs the best.

Scheduled Shredding Service

A scheduled shredding service also referred to as document shredding, is a repeated service in which a document shredding company returns to your office on a scheduled basis to shred paperwork, records, and other documents. Scheduled shredders are very popular in larger offices and businesses since they enable highly confidential documents to be regularly discarded and drastically reduce the chances of confidential information from being printed out.

Scheduled shredding service makes it possible to secure highly sensitive information that would be destroyed if left unsecured for any lengthy period of time. Secure containers are also provided with this service, so you can store your documents until your next scheduled shredding appointment arrives.

If you are considering scheduling a shredding appointment for any of your sensitive documents, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chesapeake Paper Systems to schedule your appointment now.