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Secure Document Destruction – Information Secured by Shredding

a stack of confidential documents

One-time shredding isn’t on a per piece basis, that’s a very costly choice for people who don’t currently have a demand for regularly scheduled paper shredding. If you’re downsizing, moving, reorganizing internally, or simply looking for a more cost-effective solution, a mobile shredding service can really help with secure document destruction! This type of service can provide a one-time-only shred and then allow you the freedom to manage your files more easily while not worrying about space issues. It can also offer a more secure way to dispose of shredded documents once you’ve finished the job.

The mobile shredding service will transport your confidential material to a secure destruction site. They can shred the information in a secure environment, such as at a facility that shreds sensitive documents for businesses or the government. Most services will have the same or similar security measures, including random security screening to make sure only trusted employees are provided with sensitive materials. The company will securely destroy the shredded papers immediately after the transaction has taken place.

Locking, Secure Consoles

Mobile shredders use multiple bins to securely destroy documents. Each bin is generally labeled with the shredded document so that you know exactly which bin contains the information you want to be destroyed. Depending on the size of your business, this could mean the difference between disposing of a large number of files and keeping some of them. The more information you have shredded, the larger the number of bins and storage areas you will need. The number of containers can range from one to five. You may even have access to larger, reinforced bins to store shredded materials for longer periods of time.

One-time shredding containers are designed specifically to store and transport documents. This means documents can be placed into one of the boxes, stacked in a manner that is secure and safe, and then secured with metal shelving or plastic bins. These containers are designed to be closed and opened as few times as possible. You will have the ability to secure these bins and their contents, ensuring that confidential information stays destroyed for a long period of time.

One-time shredders are used during a purge project when a business must purge a large number of documents. If not done properly, the resulting information can be too mixed up and difficult to sort out. If you need to purge documents quickly, a one-time shredding container will be perfect for your needs. The company will destroy the shredded papers immediately, leaving you with little waste and little work.

The Benefits of One-Time Shredding

Using one-time shredding services offers many benefits. When your documents are shredded, they will be destroyed completely, leaving no paper behind and no place for germs to grow. The shredded documents will also not have the chance of being reconstructed. This can be very helpful if you need to review documents that were shredded. You will be able to identify specific pages and you will be able to look at a comparison chart to see exactly which parts of the document were destroyed.

A one-time shredding services company can also help with the creation of a Certificate of Destruction for the shredded papers. Once the purge shredding service company removes the documents, they will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that will identify what papers were destroyed and when.

When a company is looking for ways to secure document destruction services for their confidential information, then they may want to consider a one-time shredding program. Many companies offer this service to businesses that are interested in doing secure document destruction. If a company does not offer this option, then you may want to look at another company that can offer this type of protection for your confidential information.

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