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Risks Of Remote Workers Handling Document Shredding

With many workplaces keeping their offices closed still, many people are still working remotely. Working remotely means that secure documents are going to be produced by these workers in their homes, which raises some questions about information security. These records still need to be destroyed properly, but there are some risks in letting your remote workers handle it themselves.

Pile of shredded paper - privacy

The Risks

There are a few big risks that come with letting remote workers take care of it all themselves that you should consider.

Are They Even Shredding?

The first issue that needs to be considered is whether or not the remote workers are even bothering to shred the papers at all. Obviously you would hope that they understand the importance of doing this, but negligence does occur, be it deliberate or accidental, from time to time. Papers that have just been thrown straight into the trash or recycling can be easily retrieved by someone trying to take advantage of this opportunity to commit fraud. Remote workers must understand the importance of prosper document handling and disposal.

Is Their Shredding Secure Enough?

Chances are most of the remote workers that have access to a shredding machine of their own use a simple machine gotten from an office supplies store. This might seem fine, but the issue with these machines has to do with their shred pattern. Most home office shredders simple cut papers into long thin strips that can be reassembled with some time and effort. Clearly that is not a good thing. Properly secure shredding reduces paper to a fine confetti that can’t be reconstructed.

Recycling Can Be An Issue

After shredding, the papers need to be recycled to support sustainability efforts, which is usually handled for you by a shredding company. The issue with doing it from home is that some places will not accept papers that are below a certain amount. This can result in paper waste ending up in the landfill, which goes against the shredding industries efforts towards sustainability.

What You Can Do

Take responsibility onto yourself and help your remote workers with protecting your business information, just like you would be when the office is open. Arrange days for workers to come and drop off documents at the office, host a shredding event where they, and others in the community, can come and shred papers. Maybe even consider arranging for a shredding truck to pop by your employees houses to collect and shred. All you have to do is reach out to a shredding provider and hash out some solutions to your issues. They’re the experts after all.