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Considering A One-Time Purge When Opening The Office

Sooner or later offices will reopen once we have gotten through COVID-19. When that time comes, workplaces will have to make some decisions to make. With workers coming back in, many may bring the various work documents they created while at home, or the office itself has been without shredding service for a while. So what do you do?

In order to quickly get back on track, you need to have a pass through the office that takes care of any documents. To that end we have an option for you: a one-time document purge.
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How Does A One-Time Purge Protect?

Why bother with the one-time purge to begin with? What are the advantages? Let’s lay out several reasons.

Identity Theft Protection

With many employees working from home, you can never be sure what steps they are taking to protect the sensitive information. Many have surely been instructed in some safe ways to store said information while they have it. Once the office is reopening, you should encourage them to bring it all in to be destroyed. The best way to quickly and safely handle all these records coming into the office is going to be a one-time purge, which will destroy everything in one go. This way you don’t have to risk having records sitting around for long periods of time.

Lower The Chance Of Misplaced Documents

Human-error happens to the best of us, and this can lead to accidental data beaches. Clutter is a big factor with this as well. Cleaning up clutter, and shredding the documents swiftly will reduce the chances of negligence causing you problems when trying to re-open the office after a pandemic.

Part Of Secure Document Management

If the office has been closed for a while, chances are your secure document management has fallen by the wayside a bit, at no fault of yours. In order to get a boost when coming back, a one-time purge is a fast way to get back on track. It’s also a great way to quickly refine, or implement, your document management process. Should the quantity shredded prove large, you may realize that a regular scheduled service will be of large benefit to you.

Ready To Help You

If all this sounds good to you, and you want a way to begin this process, we got you covered. Simply reach out and give us the details of what you need. We can offer a one-time purge, scheduled service, or a host of other services to suit your needs. Let us know.