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Protect Your Business with Scheduled Document Shredding: It’s Crucial!

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Are you stressed about tons of paperwork piling up? Well, not to worry anymore because we have got you all covered with scheduled document shredding! Disposing of documents is a big responsibility, and so this article is all about the optimal solution for getting rid of extra documents safely. So make sure to read till the end!

You need to manage your heaps of documents, right? But how to? Document shredding is a popular technique nowadays to dispose of large amounts of documents safely. Your confidential and sensitive information is highly prone to theft by your competitors or just some greedy enemy. To prevent such disasters, you need to opt for document shredding services.

What Is Scheduled Document Shredding?

Scheduled document shredding is the periodic time to time shredding of confidential documents. It is done by hiring professional document shredding companies that do the job using industrial-scale document shredders. These shredders have the ability to shred thousands to millions of papers within the short span of an hour. The shredding process can be carried out on-site as well as off-site. Also, the type of paper shred is also decided by the company itself. There are shredders that shred the documents from strips to even minute particles.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Document Shredding Company

Here are the top 3 reasons to hire a document shredding company for shredding your sensitive docs:

Protect Your Business

Your document dump might contain highly sensitive information related to your customers, employees, your tenders, and current affairs. It is desirable to protect all such confidential details from outsiders and keep them a secret. In case of leakage of such info, your business or employees could face serious complications. This could leave a bad reputation hanging off your business, and it would become a hard task to attract customers. To avoid such circumstances, it is best to destroy all information into unrecoverable bits and pieces. This is done by a document shredding service. They shred your paper, files, and hard drives and destroy them safely.


Document shredding services are actually quite budget-friendly and spontaneous. They provide huge benefits while costing very little money. It is also totally hassle-free so that you can sit back and relax while the shredding companies’ experienced workers do the magic.

Decrease Workload and Increase Productivity

Many companies invest in document shredders in-house. These document shredders eventually prove to be highly expensive and high maintenance. Not only do they use hefty amounts of electricity but also increase the workload of your workers. They would have to remove staples and pins every day from bundles of papers, feed them by hand into the shredder, and then regularly oil or grease the shredder blades. This is definitely a burdensome task, thereby deviating them from other much more important work.


Document shredding service proves to be highly beneficial for the safeguard of your business. Chesapeake paper systems are the optimal choice for your next document shredding appointment. We are dedicated to serving customers efficiently in Baltimore, Washington, and North Virginia. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional document shredding and hard drive destruction services.

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