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5 Reasons Why You Need Business Shredding Services

Paper shredded next to a pile of unshredded paper

Document shredding services are crucial to any business, including yours. So read till the end in order to know about the top 5 reasons you should get document shredding services and also the best company offering them.

Your office building might be overflowing with heaps of documents that need to be disposed of. Overwhelming amounts of clutter can tempt you to toss it right off into the garbage bins. However, any sensitive documents carrying information related to your business, family, or yourself can wreak havoc if landed in your opponents’ hands. This information needs to be properly destroyed before discarding it; otherwise, it may lead to misuse and theft of confidential data.

Business shredding is the optimal choice for getting rid of private information, whether it is stored in paper form or hard disks and drives. Business shredding services provide a safe means of destruction of data by splitting and cutting the documents multiple times into fine strips or granules, which are then sent off to be recycled.

Top 5 Amazing Benefits You Should Opt for Document Shredding

Here are the top 5 amazing benefits and reasons why you should opt for document shredding:

Prevent Identity Theft

Every enterprise owns tonnes of documents containing the personal information of their employees as well as customers. Identity theft is a growing concern for people nowadays and could take place if a thief finds sensitive documents piled up in your office. It can result in total chaos and serious losses. Document shredding prevents such an unfortunate incident from occurring. It not only helps you declutter your workplace but also safely destroys any confidential information that may otherwise cause problems.

Federal Laws

Many businesses have to follow federal laws regarding the safe disposal of legal and personal information of their clients. In such situations, it is mandatory to repeatedly discard documents and hard drives. Many people prefer manual paper wastage, while many others like to invest in personal paper shredders. However, these methods are not only slow but also often go harsh on the budget. Manual paper shredding will significantly reduce your employees’ productivity if they have to regularly shred documents themselves. On the other hand, document shredders for personal use utilize hefty amounts of electricity and make a great deal of noise. This can spike up your electricity bills and also make a nuisance for your staff. Hence outsourcing your document shredding to shredding companies can prove to be extremely helpful.

Quick And Swift

Document shredding done by shredding companies is typically very quick and swift. They own heavy-duty industrial-scale shredders, which can shred thousands to millions of papers in an hour. Being able to shred huge loads of documents within a short time span is extremely valuable.

Environmentally Friendly

The papers and files that you throw in a nearby garbage bin are not only subjected to theft but also end up being environmentally hazardous. Most of the garbage is taken to compost mines or dumps where they are burnt to get rid of, resulting in the emission of tonnes of greenhouse gases causing global warming. Document shredders not only discard your documents safely but also take them to recycling agencies to recycle the paper instead of burning it.

Better Reputation

Having repeated scheduled document shredding makes you earn the trust and respect of your customers. They will be able to put their trust in your company regarding the complete safety of the personal information that you provide through shredding.


Document shredding is a must for every business in order to steer clear of future crises. Chesapeake paper systems offer highly secure and quick document shredding through their high-end mobile shredding units. They pride themselves on providing sustainable document shredding services by recycling all the waste. Chesapeake is successfully operating in Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern VA, and many other locations.

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