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The Eco-Benefits of Choosing Chesapeake Paper Systems

Recycling Bin

Look no further when you are looking for a green and eco-friendly way to shred your documents securely! Here at Chesapeake Paper Systems, we offer secure document destruction services that are environmentally friendly and help you recycle your documents. By using our services, you can feel confident that you are doing your part to help protect the environment and also your sensitive information. Not only are our paper shredding services affordable, but they’re also reliable. You can trust us to quickly and securely destroy all of your confidential documents. Keep reading to learn more about all the eco-benefits that using a professional shredding service will give!

Using Green Vehicles

At Chesapeake Paper Systems, we understand that the environmentally friendly destruction of confidential documents is important to our clients. To ensure that we’re doing our part to protect the environment, we only use the most fuel-efficient destruction trucks on the market. That way, we can minimize our carbon footprint and make sure that our operations are as sustainable as possible. Our trucks run on ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) and B5 Bio-Diesel, and they consume less fuel per pound of paper shredded than any other trucks in their class. In addition, our trucks are equipped with the latest engine technology to reduce fuel consumption further. As a result, we’re able to offer our clients environmentally friendly document destruction services that are also highly efficient and cost-effective. Do you want to learn more about our services? Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to chat with you about what we can do for you.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Secure shredding is important not just for consumer privacy but also for environmental reasons. Once your documents have been shredded, we also ensure that they are recycled into paper products like copy paper, paper towels, and packaging. In this way, you can be confident that your documents will not end up in a landfill. Who knows, the next time you reach for a paper towel, you might just be using a recycled piece of your old confidential paperwork!

Eco-Benefits of Choosing Chesapeake Paper Systems

Shredding paper may seem like a small task, but it’s actually helping to save the environment. By recycling paper, we’re able to reduce pollution and conserve resources. For every ton of shredded paper we recycle, we save 7000 gallons of water, 84 gallons of oil and 17 mature trees. That’s enough water to take almost 300 showers, oil to drive a car for more than three weeks and trees to print more than 5 million sheets of paper! So next time you’re about to throw away some old paperwork, think twice – your future self will thank you for it.


Chesapeake Paper Systems is the perfect solution for those who want to ensure their documents are securely destroyed while also being environmentally responsible. Our paper shredding services are affordable and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Contact us today and get started on protecting your confidential information!