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The Advantage Of Shred Bins In Your Office

So you’re aware of your shred responsibilities and are seeking a provider of shred service. Once you’ve worked out how often you might need to shred, you’ll have to work out a way to securely store the documents to be shredded. It might be tempting to just use some file cabinet, or a bag as your collection point, but those come with risks. A safe of some sort would certainly be secure, but it’s not conducive to a smooth workflow.

What you need is something that’s secure yet easy to access for your staff. Something like a secure shred bin! GASP! What is a shred bin you might ask? Why should I bother with such a thing? Those are all excellent questions, and we’ll answer those now.

two men looking at documents on a table while two shred bins sit next to it

Shred Bin Advantages

These bins are common enough for document shredding providers, and are usually a standard feature when signing on. This will be due to the reasons we shall list, and also because they are required for compliance purposes. That aside, let’s look at why these are so good.

Unobtrusive and Accessible

The bins are designed to fit into an office environment, therefore they must not take up a large amount of space, and be able to fit in somewhere that people can easily access. In this way, the bins are combining security while not sacrificing work flow. A bulky thing sitting in the middle of the main walkway would be disruptive to say the least. With several different sizes available, having a small office isn’t an issue, whereas a large office has options that fit their requirements as well.

It’s important for your staff to have easy access to the shred bins so compliance can be carried through. If it was hard to reach them, short cuts could be taken that would leave you vulnerable. People might wait until there is a large pile that needs to be binned before going over to do it, which is not good for compliance. By acting as centralized collection points they also eliminate any confusion as to where secure files need to be deposited. Training will be smoother and faster, compliance will be maintained easier.


So we know these bins are easy to access collection points designed to fit into an office. Great, but how do they keep things safe? If they’re out in the open can’t anybody happen by and take a handful? Absolutely not, the reason being a fun invention we call a “lock”.

The actual lid or door of the bin is lockable so only authorized personnel can access the items inside. A letter slot is the opening by which papers are placed within, thus it is too small for a hand to reach in and take them back out. The only time these bins will be opened is when a uniformed employee of your shredding service provider arrives to carry out shredding for you.

At The End

With those main points you will hopefully now understand what the big deal with shred bins is. Don’t seek an alternative when presented with these, they are designed to fill a specific task and they do it well. Always remember that they are maximizing your security, compliance, and convenience.