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Stay Confidential & Compliant with Scheduled Document Shredding

scheduled document shredding

With the rise in data breaches and identity theft, securing the disposal of sensitive documents has become a paramount concern for businesses. Chesapeake Paper Systems provides a solution, offering services such as scheduled document shredding to help companies to uphold confidentiality and adhere to regulations.

Understanding Scheduled Document Shredding

Scheduled document shredding is a systematic approach to document destruction. Instead of waiting until you have a large volume of papers to discard, Chesapeake Paper Systems provides secure containers to deposit your documents for shredding. Our professionals will regularly visit your office, collect the records, and shred them on-site.

This service differs from one-time purge shredding, an on-demand service ideal for businesses that must dispose of a large volume of documents simultaneously. While both services ensure secure document destruction, scheduled shredding offers the added advantage of regularity, making it easier for businesses to stay on top of their document disposal needs.

One-Time Purges And Hard Drive Destruction

One-time purge shredding is perfect for businesses that accumulate documents over a long period and need to dispose of them all at once. This service is also ideal for companies preparing for an office move or a significant event like an audit.

Hard drive destruction, on the other hand, is a specialized service that ensures the secure disposal of digital data. Even when files are deleted, or hard drives are reformatted, information can often be recovered. To prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data, Chesapeake Paper Systems physically destroys the hard drives, making data retrieval impossible.

Benefits Of Scheduled Document Shredding

There are several benefits to choosing a scheduled document shredding with Chesapeake Paper Systems:

Regular Compliance

Regularly scheduled shredding helps your business maintain compliance with laws like HIPAA and FACTA, which require businesses to dispose of sensitive information properly.


With scheduled shredding, you don’t need to worry about accumulating a significant amount of documents before calling for service. It provides convenience and peace of mind that your sensitive documents are regularly and securely disposed of.

Enhanced Security

Our secure containers ensure that your documents are safe until they’re destroyed. Plus, our on-site shredding service means your documents are never transported intact, reducing the risk of information leaks.

Environmentally Friendly

All shredded paper is recycled, making scheduled shredding an eco-friendly choice.

The Process Of Scheduled Document Shredding

When you opt for scheduled document shredding, Chesapeake Paper Systems will work with you to determine an appropriate schedule based on your needs. We’ll provide secure containers to be placed around your office. Your staff can deposit any documents needing destruction into these containers.

On the scheduled date, our trained professionals will collect the containers and shred the documents on-site using our mobile shredding trucks. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction after each service, providing evidence of compliant document disposal for your records.

Start Protecting Your Business Today

Ensure the security of your sensitive documents and maintain regulatory compliance with scheduled document shredding from Chesapeake Paper Systems. You’ll protect your business and contribute to an eco-friendly future with our recycling efforts.


Don’t let sensitive information fall into the wrong hands. Contact Chesapeake Paper Systems today to start your journey toward secure, convenient, and compliant document disposal.