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Secure Document Shredding in Silver Springs

For the continuity of your company’s business, safeguarding your company’s confidential information can go a long way in preserving your firm’s reputation. Be it documents or electronic files that contain sensitive information about your clients, employees, finances or company proprietary information, securely destroying such materials is the only way to ensure your confidential information does not leak.

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We offer flexible service options to our residential Silver Springs customers. We will provide regularly scheduled and on-demand purge services to accommodate your needs. Our services include:

Data Destruction

Your precious information and data simply cannot be exposed and yet you need to toss out old hard drives and electronic files. What do you do to minimize your risks of data exposure? Contact our team. Our Silver Spring, Maryland data destruction services help you to get the help and support you need when faced with the need to safely get rid of unwanted and unneeded materials. We ensure you always get exceptional service right at your door.

Comprehensive Silver Spring Destruction Services Available

Contact our professionals today to schedule a consultation or an appointment. We’ll arrive at your location when you need us to be there. We’ll process your sensitive electronic documents, files, and components to get rid of them in a safe and secure manner. We will record the serial numbers of your items for your personal records. Then, we’ll process your hard drives or other components in just six second. They are completely destroyed in the process with no ability to be restored or accessed again. What’s more, we do it all on-site. You never have to leave your business.

We can help you with most types of data destruction needs in Silver Spring including CDs, DVDs, hard drives, back-up taps, floppy disks, smartphones, and virtually anything else that holds your sensitive data. More so, we are a member of the National Association for Information Destruction. This should give you confidence to know we abide by all state and federal laws as well as FACTA, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bililey and Sarbanes-Oxley. You’ll be 100 percent protected from any type of data destruction requirement.

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We provide data destruction in Silver Spring, Maryland and throughout the region. Contact us now to discuss your project and let us help you to never have to worry about data security concerns again. Request a free quote from our experienced team today.

We are a dedicated Silver Spring, Maryland Records Management, Storage and Destruction Company. When it comes to protecting your company’s confidential information, you need more than just promises. We offer secure document destruction and records management solutions that are customized to each client’s requirements.

Secure Document Shredding

As Maryland’s leading shredding company, we offer complete security and confidentiality when your office paper waste is shredded with our state of the art on-site or off-site shredding systems. With our secure shredding services, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents. We are a NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) member, and partnering with us helps you comply with state and federal laws guaranteeing effectiveness and security.

Whether it’s customer files, account numbers, internal memos, personnel and payroll records, financial documents, technical reports, insurance documents, or medical reports, we ensure that your company’s documents are shredded to the highest standards as well as your specifications. We offer shredding services on a one-time or recurring basis as requested. We are your trusted Silver Spring document shredding company.

Data Destruction

Electronic files are just as vulnerable as paper documents, and only hard drive destruction can guarantee your data is unrecoverable. When an organization holds onto sensitive information for an extended yet unnecessary period, this leaves the information vulnerable to disclosure, theft, misuse, and even legal discovery. As your preferred data destruction company in Maryland, you will never worry about data security again. Not only do we provide a Certificate of Destruction that shows that the data was destroyed, but we also give a Serial Number Log for all hard drives that we shred and destroy per NAID Guidelines. We destroy hard drives, magnetic backup tapes, floppy disks, zip disks, optical media, hard drives, smartphones and more. Contact us for our Silver Spring data destruction services.

Records Storage and Management

With Chesapeake, all your boxes and files are securely stored in specially designed state-of-the-art record centers. With the increasing amounts of data generated by businesses and the high costs of office space, offsite storage is the best solution for your document management program. We carefully index and barcode your records to ensure efficient tracking and retrieval, allowing you to recognize it regardless of how long it has been in storage. Our main agenda is ensuring that you never have to stress about proper data storage, leaving you free to focus on expanding your business. Our records storage facility is equipped with the latest security and fire detection and suppression systems for maximum protection.

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Document Shredding

From small companies to large corporations, keeping your documents out of the wrong hands should always be a priority. Without your knowledge, your Columbia, Maryland, company may be at risk from improper disposal techniques of important documents and paperwork. The smallest information can lead to fraud and other costly errors affecting your daily running of your business.

We understand your desire to keep your company’s information safe at all times. Your company’s reputation for providing safe, secure transactions can be instantly ruined without the proper disposal techniques in place. At Chesapeake Paper Systems, we can help you dispose of important documents and paperwork through our advanced shredding system.

Reasons to Shred Documents

Our professional staff can shred your company’s documents in your presence to ensure secure and safe disposal. Disposing of outdated documents can free up space within your company. Old bank statements, credit card receipts, tax returns, and employee pay stubs are only a partial list of your company’s important documents. If you are still unsure about the reasons to hire our professional staff to shred your paperwork, consider these three reasons.

1. Protection from Identity Theft

Shredding documents by our professional service will provide protection from identity theft. When the documents are still on your company’s premises, you provide secure storage in a specific location. The security of the documents should extend to the proper disposal technique.

2. Protects Your Company’s Clients

The completely shredded documents will protect your clients or customers’ personal information. Information containing contact details, customer credit card transactions, and other pertinent details should be secure at all times. A company’s reputation can be ruined with leaked information affecting your profits.

3. Protects Your Employees

Our professional shredding process provides privacy for your employees. Contact details, employee files, health records and other related employee information are always stored securely in your business. Your employees deserve peace of mind knowing their personal information will be discarded in the same secure manner.

If you would like more information on properly disposing of your company’s documents in the Columbia, Maryland area, please call us. Our professional staff here at Chesapeake Paper Systems will be more than happy to answer all your questions. We can provide you with a free quote on the disposal of the extra paperwork in your business.

Why Shred?

You may be asking yourself why shredding is so important for your business. Well, because every business, customer, or supplier has information that requires secure destruction, it is important to find a way of disposing this information in a confidential and secure manner. This includes customer lists, credit cards, sale receipts, client information, and personnel payroll records.

Customers, employees, and suppliers have the legal right to have this information protected and the only best way to do so is through shredding. If such information is just thrown in the dumpster and someone else finds it, they can legally use it for their self gain.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes today and although most of it happens on-line, most identity theft information is obtained though hard copy sources. Shredding generally reduces the risk of such theft when disposing confidential information.

Shredding also saves you office space by safely disposing the unwanted documents. With us, you also get to play a big part in conserving the environment as we recycle all the shredded documents.

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We are a certified member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) thus we maintain the highest industry standards while meeting all the federal and state requirements.

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