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Secure Document Shredding in Pikesville, Maryland

For the continuity of your company’s business, safeguarding your company’s confidential information can go a long way in preserving your firm’s reputation. Be it documents or electronic files that contain sensitive information about your clients, employees, finances or company proprietary information, securely destroying such materials is the only way to ensure your confidential information does not leak.

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We offer flexible service options to our residential Pikesville, Maryland customers. We will provide regularly scheduled and on-demand purge services to accommodate your needs. Our services include:

Document Shredding

Serving the Pikesville, Maryland area, Chesapeake Papers Systems is a valuable resource against identity theft. Even in today’s technological age, companies still use large amounts of documents to record client, customer, vendor and other important business information. In the wrong hands, the smallest piece of data could result in a major security breach for your business. Engaging a professional company for your document shredding needs helps in combating against identity theft and other security issues.

Why Use a Pikesville, Maryland Document Shredding Company?

Using professional document shredding company, Chesapeake Paper Systems provides you with many benefits.

  • Lower Employee Risks: An employee, who accidently throws a document in the trash, fails to shred, or leaves an important file out poses a risk. Chesapeake Paper Systems installs lock consoles. Your employees simply need to drop the documents into the console for professional shredding.
  • Saves Time and Money: Along with lower risks, our locked consoles are a cost effective solution for your Pikesville, Maryland company. You do not need to pay an employee to shred confidential documents. Our Chesapeake Paper Systems document shredding professional handle the entire process.
  • Secure Process: Transferring the consoles directly to our mobile shredding unit, our specialists shred all your confidential documents within minutes. You are welcome to watch the process to ensure the highest level of security. Our mobile trucking units are fully equipped with cameras for an additional layer of security.
  • Federal and State Law Compliant: As a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), Chesapeake Paper Systems follows all state and federal guidelines for proper disposal of documents.
  • Scheduled Services: Our Chesapeake Paper Systems offers scheduled document shredding services to fit your company’s need. We can arrive every day, week, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Chesapeake Paper Systems participates in recycling efforts. By securing recycling shredded documents, we do our part to preserve the environment.

In order to gain your business, Chesapeake Paper Systems offers free quotes. We want to be your active partner for protecting your company’s confidential information.

If you would like to receive further information on how document shredding can help your Pikesville, Maryland company, please call us. Our prompt, professional and friendly, Chesapeake Paper Systems experts are available to help you keep your company safe and secure.

Hard Drive Destruction

Safely ridding your company of old, outdated hard drives and other forms of data storage is necessary to avoid security breaches. Reliable and professional, Chesapeake Paper Systems will securely engage in effective Pikesville, Maryland data destruction for all your company’s devices. Our secure process allows you to have peace of mind for the proper handling of your confidential data. We want to be your company’s active partner for securing your data.

Why Engage in Pikesville, Maryland Data Destruction Services?

As a company owner or manager, you may be wondering why to engage in data destruction services. Our professional and reliable data destruction services, Chesapeake Paper Systems experts offer numerous benefits.

  • Unreadable Data: Our data destruction process completely eliminates the chances of anyone reading your data. Erasing or other forms of hard drive cleaning is not an effective measure against identity theft. Chesapeake Paper Systems approach ensures your data is not readable. First, our experts copy any serial numbers for your records. Next, we transfer the storage devices into the mobile trucking unit. The data destruction process takes seconds.
  • Stay Compliant: Improper disposal of confidential information may cost your company legal fees and fines. Chesapeake Paper Systems is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction. We fully comply with all state and federal laws regarding data destruction including HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Free Up Office Space: Storing hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, zip drives, mobile phones and other storage devices takes up storage space. Using a data destruction allows your company to use the space for other valuable pursuits.

Keeping your company’s data safe is a necessity for protecting your confidential records and reputation. Along with full data destruction services, Chesapeake Paper Systems offers document shredding and storage options for all of your company’s needs. Our experts can arrive with our fully equipped mobile shredding trucks every day, weekly, or monthly to fit your Pikesville, Maryland data destruction needs.

If you would like to receive more information on our premium Pikesville data destruction or other services, please contact us. We offer free quotes. Chesapeake Paper Systems wants to be your partner in protecting your company against security breaches and identity theft.

Secure Records Storage

Are you currently considering using a reputable Pikesville, Maryland data storage facility for your company’s records? Using a reliable and professional offsite facility to store your data and records provides your company with many benefits. Serving the Pikesville, Maryland community for numerous years, Chesapeake Paper Systems offers your company premium data and record storage options. We design our facilities to keep your records safe and secure at all times.

Specializing in Premium Pikesville, Maryland Records Storage

Storing confidential records and data are a major part of running any size business. Keeping specific data may be a legal requirement. You never know when your company may need the records for future endeavors. Chesapeake Paper Systems premium data storage will provide your company with many benefits.

  • Free Up Space: Self-storage requires the use of valuable company space. Using Chesapeake Paper Systems for your data storage needs allows you to use your space for other ventures. In addition, using less space for your records storage helps you save money.
  • Security: When confidential records or data is left unattended, the chance for security breaches increases. Our s facilities are safe and secure. We provide 24-hour video surveillance with high-resolution cameras. Along with video surveillance, our records storage has state of the art fire detection and suppression systems to protect your data.
  • Easy Retrieval Process: Our experts barcode and index your documents for easy retrieval. You do not need to worry about organizing the storage process. Saving you time and money, our reliable, professionals do everything for you. When needed, our specialists will find your records without wasting your valuable time.
  • Cost-Effective: Chesapeake Paper Systems only charges you for the amount of space you use. Offering free quotes, we will work with your company for the best storage solution to fit your needs at affordable prices.

Chesapeake Paper Systems offers secure storage options for your company. We want to help you with all of storage needs. If you would like more information on our high-quality Pikesville, Maryland records storage, please contact us today. In addition, Chesapeake Paper Systems offers efficient data destruction and document shredding to help meet all of your company’s needs.

Why Shred?

You may be asking yourself why shredding is so important for your business. Well, because every business, customer, or supplier has information that requires secure destruction, it is important to find a way of disposing this information in a confidential and secure manner. This includes customer lists, credit cards, sale receipts, client information, and personnel payroll records.

Customers, employees, and suppliers have the legal right to have this information protected and the only best way to do so is through shredding. If such information is just thrown in the dumpster and someone else finds it, they can legally use it for their self gain.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes today and although most of it happens on-line, most identity theft information is obtained though hard copy sources. Shredding generally reduces the risk of such theft when disposing confidential information.

Shredding also saves you office space by safely disposing the unwanted documents. With us, you also get to play a big part in conserving the environment as we recycle all the shredded documents.

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We are a certified member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) thus we maintain the highest industry standards while meeting all the federal and state requirements.

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