Shredding Services in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland

Secure Document Shredding in Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland

For the continuity of your company’s business, safeguarding your company’s confidential information can go a long way in preserving your firm’s reputation. Be it documents or electronic files that contain sensitive information about your clients, employees, finances or company proprietary information, securely destroying such materials is the only way to ensure your confidential information does not leak.

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We offer flexible service options to our residential Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland customers. We will provide regularly scheduled and on-demand purge services to accommodate your needs. Our services include:

Document Shredding

Protecting the privacy of clients, employees and your company’s daily information is vital. Paper documentation is still part of the daily process of running a business. Over time, updating documents is essential. The problem arises with the discarding process of the outdated information. Simple discarding or using an office shredder does not guarantee the safeguarding of sensitive material. In the wrong hands, the smallest amount of information may become a liability to your organization.

Hiring a professional Lutherville, Maryland document shredding service provides peace of mind. Chesapeake Paper Systems will securely destroy your documents in seconds. Allowing you the knowledge your company’s information is secure.

Why Use a Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland Document Shredding Service?

Our professional document shredding service enables numerous benefits for your company.

Reduces Liability Risks

Every business owner must protect employees, clients and financial information. Failure to safeguard sensitive material may result in legal issues. Chesapeake Paper Systems is a member of National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Complying with state and local privacy laws including, HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines, we carefully handle your documents throughout each step of the shredding process. We want to ensure your records are secure at all times.

Cost-Effective Service

Purchasing paper shredders requires your company to spend unnecessary funds. Depending on the brand, the added expense may include purchasing extra bags for the shredded documents. Along with the purchase expense, your company will need to perform maintenance and replace any broken or overused parts. Over time, the extra expense of owning and maintaining the office shredder may surprise you.

Along with purchasing the equipment, using store bought paper shredders, requires an employee to remove paper clips, staples, feed the shredder and discard the waste. As an employee feeds the paper shredding, the delay of important tasks occur. Placing secure, locked consoles in your office, our Chesapeake Paper Systems team will transfer the container straight to the mobile shredding truck. Freeing your employee from wasting valuable time, our technicians handle the Lutherville, Maryland document shredding process.

Promotes Your Company’s Reputation

The news media shares information on company’s failures to safeguard vulnerable documents. Exposing the smallest amount of sensitive data creates negative backlash for your company. By participating in Lutherville, Maryland document shredding service, your company’s reputation enhances. The process shows a proactive approach to handling critical documents. Chesapeake Paper Systems long standing history for quality, secure service adds reducing worries of leaked materials.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative

The best part of partnering with Chesapeake Paper Systems is our dedication to preserving the environment. Our state of the art Lutherville, Maryland document shredding service participates in the recycling effort to be part of the solution for helping the environment. Our recycling efforts save tree, water and reduce landfill space. We are extremely proud of our recycling efforts. Engaging our services immediately partners your company with environmentally friendly options.

As a company owner, you have the legal obligation to keep all sensitive material secure. Our Chesapeake Paper System team wants to help you in this effort. Our mobile shredding truck is fully equipment with a camera to watch every step of the process. We are able to shred the vulnerable documents on site and in your presence.

Along with Lutherville, Maryland document shredding service, our team can properly destroy hard drives, smartphones, and other sensitive materials. Destroying the data in less than six seconds, we always provide serial numbers for your records. If you would like more information on document shredding or data destruction service, please call or fill out the contact us form today. Chesapeake Paper Systems can provide weekly, monthly or yearly services to meet all your document shredding needs.

Hard Drive Destruction

Modern technology allows companies to record critical information on a variety of devices. Being connected to the office through the Internet, the advancements encourage employees to use different platforms in the field. The practice is a critical component in the daily operations of many businesses.

Storing credit information, customer data, employee records, financial data or other important documents is normal for daily operations. When the outdated device needs maintenance or requires complete replacement, problems may quickly arise. Even if your company deems the device unusable, retrieving the data may still occur. An experienced thief only needs a small piece of information to create problems for your company. Chesapeake Paper Systems will safely destroy your devices to allow for the elimination of exposing valuable records.

Our Lutherville, Maryland data destruction process occurs within second and in your presence. We want to provide you with peace of mind for the safe destruction of your unused devices. Engaging our Chesapeake Paper System services provides many benefits.

Why Use Lutherville, Maryland Data Destruction Services?

The act of simply erasing your hard drive does not provide a sufficient safety measure of protecting your data. Chesapeake Paper Systems wants to be your company’s partner in keeping sensitive material out of the wrong hands.

Reduces Liability and Legal Issues

The exposure of vulnerable data is a liability. Your company could face legal issues costing you time and money. Chesapeake Paper System follows all guidelines for data destruction. Ensuring the proper handling of your data, we are an active member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We comply with all state and federal laws regarding the safe and secure destruction of data. Following HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley guidelines, enables us to provide you with proper data destruction services.

Unused equipment in storage may end up in the wrong hands, accidently throwing away a device may create further legal issues. Engaging in Lutherville, Maryland data destruction services eliminates the unnecessary exposure of your company’s information. Our mobile trucks come with surveillance equipment to ensure the proper handling of your unused equipment at each step of the data destruction process.

Reduces Space

When a hard drive, smartphone or other platform fails to perform properly, the device is usually sent to storage. Under some circumstances, the device is put in a drawer, on a shelf or remains elsewhere in the office. Engaging in Lutherville, Maryland data destruction will reduce your company’s storage space. Removing unused or outdated equipment allows your company to use the space for more productive reasons.

Secure Destruction

Chesapeake Paper System provides top of the line mobile shredding trucks. Our technicians can handle the destruction of various types of data sources, including hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, smartphones, and other data devices. You are welcome to watch us completely destroy your devices in seconds. Prior to destroying your hard drives, we record the serial numbers to enable proper record keeping.

If you would like more information on our Lutherville, Maryland data destruction services, please call or fill out the contact us form. Providing safe and secure destruction services is our goal. Understanding the importance of your company’s information, Chesapeake Paper Systems will work with you to safely destroy your unused devices.

Secure Records Storage

Despite all the advancements in modern technology, paper documentation is still a large component of running a company. Making the decision to store vital paperwork in your office or at other self-storage location, you are risking exposure of your documents. Chesapeake Paper Systems is a leading Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland records storage company. Our experts will safely store your documents to provide the highest level of security.

Why Use a Lutherville, Maryland Data Storage Unit?

As an owner or manager of a company, you are responsible for your employees, clients, patients, financial information and daily records of your business. Failure to use a proper Lutherville, Maryland records storage facility may result in loss of time and money. Chesapeake Paper Systems provides many benefits for using our storage facility.

Keep All Records Secure

When using self-storage or office space to store important documents, you risk exposure. In the wrong hands, the smallest amount of information may lead to a security breach. Exposure of sensitive information may result in legal issues. Chesapeake Paper Systems offers 24-hour surveillance and a state of the art security system for your Lutherville, Maryland records storage.

Disaster Protection

Along with security risks, self-storage fails to protect your vital records from fires, floods, and natural disasters. Mold or mildew may cause your business to lose critical records. Chesapeake Paper Systems provides storage facilities fully equipped with top of the line fire protection and suppression systems to help keep records safe.

Efficient Record Indexing

In a self-storage or office storage space, searching through piles of papers and boxes is the only way for an employee to find a vital record. The search process wastes valuable company time. In some situations, the important document may not be in the right storage box. Mislabeling is another possibility, creating a longer search process for the employee. Every business owner understands the longer an employee searches for a piece of information, the more costs rise.

Our Chesapeake Paper Systems conveniently organizes your records to ensure easy, instant access. Indexing and barcoding records enable for efficient tracking and retrieval. The effectiveness of our system for Lutherville, Maryland records storage will actually save you time and money.

Free Up Space

Another benefit for Lutherville-Timonium Maryland data storage is freeing up vital office space. Storing documents takes up space. Over time, the storage may create cramp areas in the office or company. Using Chesapeake Paper Systems facility allows your company to use the space for other important endeavors. Saving you money, we only charge you for the amount of space your documents use.

If you would like more information on our high-quality Lutherville-Timonium, Maryland records storage facility, please call or fill out the contact us form today. Chesapeake Paper Systems is more than happy to answer all your questions. Along with efficient storage options, we also offer paper shredding and data destruction services. Regardless of the size of your company, we want to offer you the most up to date ways to store or discard your sensitive records.

Why Shred?

You may be asking yourself why shredding is so important for your business. Well, because every business, customer, or supplier has information that requires secure destruction, it is important to find a way of disposing this information in a confidential and secure manner. This includes customer lists, credit cards, sale receipts, client information, and personnel payroll records.

Customers, employees, and suppliers have the legal right to have this information protected and the only best way to do so is through shredding. If such information is just thrown in the dumpster and someone else finds it, they can legally use it for their self gain.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes today and although most of it happens on-line, most identity theft information is obtained though hard copy sources. Shredding generally reduces the risk of such theft when disposing confidential information.

Shredding also saves you office space by safely disposing the unwanted documents. With us, you also get to play a big part in conserving the environment as we recycle all the shredded documents.

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