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Secure Document Shredding in Laurel, Maryland

For the continuity of your company’s business, safeguarding your company’s confidential information can go a long way in preserving your firm’s reputation. Be it documents or electronic files that contain sensitive information about your clients, employees, finances or company proprietary information, securely destroying such materials is the only way to ensure your confidential information does not leak.

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We offer flexible service options to our residential Laurel, Maryland customers. We will provide regularly scheduled and on-demand purge services to accommodate your needs. Our services include:

Document Shredding

Even with all the advances in modern technology, companies still rely on the paper documentation to record vital information. Chesapeake Paper Systems understands collecting medical records, customer financial information or other forms of data is a normal part of running any type of Laurel, Maryland office. Paper files offer a vital service in caring for patients or meeting customer demands. Our goal is to provide you with on-site document shredding to secure your sensitive information.

Importance of Document Shredding

As a company owner or administrator, you may be wondering why to hire us for your document shredding needs. The importance of professional document shredding company goes beyond the desire to free up valuable work space. The most vital components of document shredding are secure disposal of valuable information.

Security of Your Personal Data

Our team provides you with a secure option of disposing of sensitive information. We take pride in our accomplishment of being a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) which enables us to help your company comply with state and federal laws. Our knowledge allows for compliance in HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley laws and regulations. Shredding documents to secure private information is a legal obligation. Our document shredding process provides customers, clients and patients peace of mind.

Security of Business

Along with securing your clients’ personal data, document shredding provides your company with security. In the wrong hands, the smallest amount of business data may result in a breach of security. In the wrong hands, the smallest amount of information may lead to legal issues creating the loss of time and money.

Hard Drive Destruction

Electronic files are just as real as paper documents; therefore, they are just as targetable. The news is rife with stories of celebrities being violated by hackers stealing their iCloud images and Wikileaks spreading political emails from hacked servers. If their data is vulnerable, so is yours.

Data Destruction In Laurel Made Easy

Our sole purpose is to permanently destroy personal and corporate data devices using a shredding process that happens in seconds and eliminates all need for a landfill. We can come to you for convenient same-day service. Our aggressive shredding equipment should leave you with peace of mind that your data is permanently eliminated from circulation and will be disposed of in an environmentally sound facility.

With a capacity to shred up to 500 drives per hour, we can take on any of the following:

  • On-site mobile digital media shredding
  • NIST and DoD Wiping
  • On-Site Degaussing
  • Drop off shredding and wiping
  • Serial number inventory
  • Certificate of destruction

When your old electronics become redundant and are replaced, Laurel Maryland will recycle the following materials back into the world, free of your data and ready for new things:

  • Desktops and laptops
  • Monitors
  • Computer accessories
  • Cell phones and cameras
  • IT asset disposal

Privacy and environmental legislation present liabilities to every corporate entity that has device and digital storage turnover. The risk of releasing confidential data to the public, or disposing of technology in an environmentally unsound way puts corporations in a legal dilemma.

Unused hard drives take up office real estate and contain plenty of sensitive information no matter how many times you’ve hit the Empty Trash button. Even erased and degaussed hard drives are not immune to a security breach. Those old units contain residual employee and client data that is put at risk anytime you keep an old hard drive sitting around, unprotected and unsupervised.

Local Maryland Data Destruction

Only total hard drive destruction can guarantee that all data is gone and unrecoverable. Our Maryland-based data destruction mobile trucks come equipped with the most advanced hard drive destruction unit on the market.

  • We’ll record the serial numbers for your records
  • Hard drives will be completely destroyed, on site
  • Total destruction takes about 6 seconds
  • We destroy hard drives, CDs, DVDs, smartphones, laptops, disks, tapes, and more

We are a NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) member, and partnering with us helps you comply with HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley laws.

Secure Records Storage

Chesapeake Paper Systems understands keeping paper documentation of the daily running of any business is essential. Under some circumstances, saving records from human resources, contracts, tax information or other forms of confidential data may be a legal requirement for your company. As your business expands, filing cabinets and storage boxes begin to fill up your extra office space.

Chesapeake Paper Systems is available to help you free up your current storage space by offering secure storage solutions. The extra room may actually be a cost effective solution. Expanding office space may increase client relations. Adding to the current floor space may add in forming new business endeavors. In other situation, the removal of storage boxes may actually bring in extra revenue for your company.

Why Use Off-Site Storage?

Along with freeing up office space, every Laurel, Maryland business has different reasons for making the final decision to store records off-site.


Storing records off-site adds an extra layer of security to your confidential documents. When a business has files in boxes or cabinets, the risk of exposing data is possible. Our facility is under 24-hour video surveillance to ensure your records are safe. If an employee fails to return a document, your company may be liable for the information falling into the wrong hands. Off-site storage improves document management.

Prioritize Data

Document management improves with prioritizing the data. Before sending documents to our off-site storage facility, the company’s owner or supervisor will need to analyze the documents. The reviewing process allows your company to keep relevant paperwork readily available. Moving the outdated paperwork off-site allows the most accurate information in the office. In our off-site storage unit, Chesapeake Paper Systems carefully indexes and barcodes all your records.

Increases Office Efficiency

Our indexing and barcoding system increases office efficiency. Many company owners or supervisors believe keeping paperwork on-site is more convenient. Our system actually increases the speed in finding a document. An employee will not need to spend extra time searching through cabinets or unmarked storage boxes for valuable paperwork. The efficient tracking of the recorded indexed and barcode records allows for easy and efficient retrieval.

Every business understands the value of time. Easy accessing outdated files improves efficiency in various areas of the business. An employee who can retrieve documentation may improve customer service or aid in legal issues. Misplaced or mislabeled files may require an employee extra hours searching without success. Without finding the needed documentation, the company may lose money.

Chesapeake Paper Systems wants to help in organizing your company’s records. We will securely store all your records. Offering state of the art security system, we provide 24-hour video surveillance to give your peace of mind. Keeping your records secure is our priority. Along with video surveillance, our storage facilities are fully equipped with the latest fire detection and suppression equipment. We strive to keep your documents safe at all times.

If you would like more information on how Chesapeake off-site storage options, please contact us today. Our highly trained customer service representatives are available to take your phone call. Or if you would prefer, you may fill out the contact us form. We will contact you in a prompt manner. Paying for only the storage your company needs, Chesapeake Paper Systems want to help improve efficiency while saving your company money.

Why Shred?

You may be asking yourself why shredding is so important for your business. Well, because every business, customer, or supplier has information that requires secure destruction, it is important to find a way of disposing this information in a confidential and secure manner. This includes customer lists, credit cards, sale receipts, client information, and personnel payroll records.

Customers, employees, and suppliers have the legal right to have this information protected and the only best way to do so is through shredding. If such information is just thrown in the dumpster and someone else finds it, they can legally use it for their self gain.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes today and although most of it happens on-line, most identity theft information is obtained though hard copy sources. Shredding generally reduces the risk of such theft when disposing confidential information.

Shredding also saves you office space by safely disposing the unwanted documents. With us, you also get to play a big part in conserving the environment as we recycle all the shredded documents.

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We are a certified member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) thus we maintain the highest industry standards while meeting all the federal and state requirements.

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