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Secure Document Shredding in Germantown, Maryland

For the continuity of your company’s business, safeguarding your company’s confidential information can go a long way in preserving your firm’s reputation. Be it documents or electronic files that contain sensitive information about your clients, employees, finances or company proprietary information, securely destroying such materials is the only way to ensure your confidential information does not leak.

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We offer flexible service options to our residential Germantown, Maryland customers. We will provide regularly scheduled and on-demand purge services to accommodate your needs. Our services include:

Document Shredding

As a National Association for Information Destruction -NAID AAA Certified shredding company in Germantown, MD, partnering with us will give you the peace of mind that all sensitive information is being handled in a safe and secure manner in compliance with the industry and governmental requirements. We are also compliant with regulations such as HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley. We maintain a high level of security and professional standards in all our document shredding services.

On-site, Off-site Shredding, Emergency Shredding

Chesapeake Paper Systems offers on-site shredding services that guarantee your documents are destroyed without the risk of having to leave your facility. Our mobile shred truck arrives at your location to perform on-site shredding whenever and wherever you need your documents destroyed. Our trucks can shred up to 4,500lbs of paper per hour and are equipped with cameras to monitor the entire process. A witness can be present during the destruction process for extra security and peace of mind. If you are considering an off-site shredding service, our qualified employees will come to pick-up the documents in our secure trucks with GPS tracking at a regular schedule that meets your business needs.

You can also opt to drop your documents at our facilities for a discounted shredding rate. Upon arrival at our state-of-the-art shredding facility, your materials will be properly destroyed and the shredded materials will be disposed of in accordance with document disposal regulatory guidelines. A professional shredding service is better for the environment as it ensures all shredded materials can be recycled and re-used.

We are committed to working with our client’s schedules. Whether you need a recurring scheduled service or a one-time purge service, Chesapeake Paper Systems has got you covered. Our professional staff will develop a customized document management solution that meets your needs and budget. After the document destruction process is completed, you will get a certificate of destruction showing that your records were safely destroyed.

Secure Document Destruction

When it comes to security, Chesapeake Paper systems leave nothing to chance. We offer a variety of secure containers with a slot big enough for just paper to pass through. Our employees are bonded and carefully screened to ensure your sensitive information stays in safe hands. Our facilities are equipped with a modern and up-to-date video surveillance that monitors the shredding process. All these measures are geared towards maintaining the necessary security required to avoid compromising on your company’s privacy.

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Choose a professional and reliable document shredding company for your document destruction needs. Contact Chesapeake Paper Systems today for a full-service shredding service in Germantown, MD. Our friendly staff is ready to answer all your questions regarding document destruction and provide you with a free quote.

Hard Drive Destruction

Data destruction is an important security measure aimed at protecting your company’s interests and your customers’ sensitive information. The information that is stored on your devices is a critical aspect of the day-to-day running of the modern day business thus should be securely destroyed before decommissioning of I. T. equipment. Failure to properly destroy such proprietary information could have an adverse impact on a business, organization or public body leading to more severe problems like loss of revenue and other unforeseen risks.

On-site Data Destruction

Chesapeake Paper Systems offers reliable, safe and efficient on-site high volume data destruction services for many clients in Germantown, MD at competitive pricing. Our truck comes equipped with state-of-the-art hard drive shredders to destroy all types of end-of-life hard drives and magnetic tapes in the most secure, prompt and cost-effective manner. Whether it’s a massive data center or a few IT assets with highly-sensitive information, our data destruction experts are adequately trained to handle any job regardless of the size. We shred hard drives, CD/DVDs, FDDs, tapes and phones with a high level of security to safeguard your company’s information. We will scan and record the serial numbers of your storage media and devices before we physically shred and dismantle all hardware rendering data unrecoverable. Our shredders can be utilized within your premises or off-site on our fully secured facilities. Upon destruction, we provide you with a certificate of destruction after each service to confirm that your data was securely destroyed.

As your leading data shredding provider in Germantown, we are committed to maintaining high industry standards as well as meeting all federal regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance, security and environmental responsibility. We are a NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) member, which complies with state and federal laws, including HIPPA, FACTA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and Sarbanes-Oxley. Chesapeake also meets all the disposal needs of its clients while maximizing the retired asset value recovery.

Why You Should Consider a Physical Data Destruction Service

Physical hard drive destruction is one of the safest and most secure methods of permanently destroying data that offers an extra level of assurance to ensure sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. With our physical data destruction services, significant amounts of media can be destroyed simultaneously into tiny pieces through the use of our large mechanical shredders.

There are other methods that can be used to destroy data including erasure and degaussing. Hard drive erasure involves the removal of e-data while retaining the physical hard disk for re-use, redeployment or high remarking value. Data degaussing, on the other hand, exposes powerful magnetic fields to hard drives, disks and media tapes to remove data. Though cost-effective, both methods do not guarantee that the information is 100% non-recoverable. When a drive is erased or degaussed, files and directories are deleted but actual data can be retrieved using some readily available software on the market. The only solution to permanently destroy electronic data and ensure no trace of personal data can be salvaged from the drive is to crush or shred the hard drives. Make sure to entrust the service of a professional as the method can only be effective if done properly.

Chesapeake Paper Systems, offers a thorough shredding service that will render all drives and media tapes inoperable to prevent data recovery. Let us minimize the risk of data leaving your facility with a fully secure and efficient on-site data destruction service. We can customize a solution that is designed to meet the complex needs of your business to keep your workplace secure. Contact us for a Germantown data shredding service you can trust.

Secure Records Storage

Free up your valuable office space with a Chesapeake record storage service. If your Germantown business continues to accumulate records and files that you can’t keep up with, Chesapeake Paper Systems has got you covered. We deliver a fast and reliable pick-up service and safely transport all records to our off-site storage facilities for an excellent document storage and management service, that leaves you to focus on expanding your business. Our knowledgeable record storage specialists will index and barcode all files to ensure accurate tracking and retrieval. Customers can access their records electronically using our secure online portal or have them physically delivered through a customized delivery solution. Although you are out of sight, you remain in full control of your records. Our facilities are equipped with advanced security and fire suppression technology ensuring maximum safety, longevity and continued use of your company’s information. You get to pay for the space that you only require helping you to store your documents in a cost-effective manner.

Why Shred?

You may be asking yourself why shredding is so important for your business. Well, because every business, customer, or supplier has information that requires secure destruction, it is important to find a way of disposing this information in a confidential and secure manner. This includes customer lists, credit cards, sale receipts, client information, and personnel payroll records.

Customers, employees, and suppliers have the legal right to have this information protected and the only best way to do so is through shredding. If such information is just thrown in the dumpster and someone else finds it, they can legally use it for their self gain.

Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes today and although most of it happens on-line, most identity theft information is obtained though hard copy sources. Shredding generally reduces the risk of such theft when disposing confidential information.

Shredding also saves you office space by safely disposing the unwanted documents. With us, you also get to play a big part in conserving the environment as we recycle all the shredded documents.

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We are a certified member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) thus we maintain the highest industry standards while meeting all the federal and state requirements.

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