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Helpful Tips to Declutter your Office

Helpful Tips to Declutter your Office


Clutter is not something that happens overnight. It builds and builds over time.¬† When it comes to a cluttered office or desk, it can not only negatively affect your employee’s productivity but can also increase stress levels and reduce concentration. But that’s not all either. It can also put your business at risk for a data breach if sensitive documents fall into the wrong hands.

These tips are geared towards helping you declutter your office space and make it so your worker’s productivity is high and your data is secure.

Stay On Top of Your Documents

One thing that can cause a messy desk or office is the number of documents you have. Maybe your file cabinet is unorganized, or you have papers scattered all over your desk. Thus, making it difficult to find that exact document you are looking for.

Keeping your files organized and putting them away properly will not only help you find things easier but can also protect you from sensitive information from being seen or even taken by someone else.

Another great way to declutter and stay organized is to keep up with your document shredding. Having a scheduled shredding service come to your office regularly helps improve your data security and keeps your office tidy. Usually, when you use a professional shredding company for a scheduled shredding, they also will provide you with a secure shredding bin. This means your employees can easily drop off documents into this secure bin when they are ready for shredding, then when the time comes, the shredding company will pick up the bin and shred the documents for you.

Digitize It

With the technology we have these days, not every document needs to be printed. Instead, you can simply store them in a cloud service. These services have data protection built into them, so you don’t have to worry about your data being at risk. By doing this, your documents won’t be taking up space unnecessarily, and also your data is at less of a risk of being stolen.

Shred Old Hard Drives/Media

Technology is constantly changing, which means that you are upgrading computers, hard drives, and even phones. Sometimes a company will hold onto these because they know they can have sensitive data on them. Instead of storing them, which can still cause data risks, you should use a hard drive shredding or media shredding service. Choosing a professional company means that they are correctly destroyed and even recycled afterwards.

Office Clutter Policy

An office policy can ensure that your desks and other places aren’t overcome with clutter, like documents or even knick-knacks. By making sure that you have a clean desk policy, it can make sure that documents aren’t left out in the open for anyone to see or take.

Now that you have these helpful tips, you can start the declutter process of your office or even your home. If you are ready to begin document or media shredding, contact Chesapeake Paper Systems, and we can get you started!