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A New Year: Perfect Time For a Document Purge

With 2021 well underway now, many businesses would take this time to settle any leftover affairs from the previous year. Before you get caught under another year’s worth of records, you should take care of the old stuff now. But what if that is quite a lot of information needing to be destroyed? Don’t feel daunted by that proposition, help is available to you.

The amount of records you have, be it a little or a lot, is of no issue here. The main issue is swiftness of action when dealing with secure documents. Enter a document purge. It’s the perfect opportunity to clean a house in one swoop. So let’s get you on your way.

a man overwhelmed by the amount of documents around him

Gathering The Documents

Hopefully you’ve already got some manner of document handling policy at your workplace that can give you a head start. If not, then gathering up the records might be a bit of a pain, but it is a necessary pain if you want to properly destroy the documents. We won’t go into what documents you need to gather here, as you should hopefully know that by now, but if you need guidance then just take anything with private information on it that isn’t needed for retention purposes.

Once gathered, keep them together in a secure location until you are ready to shred. This could be a shred bin, a drawer with a good stout lock on it, or something else that will ward people away. Hopefully it’s not something someone can just casually walk off with either! You don’t need to worry about separating out staples, paper clips, folders, etc, as the shredders will have no issue in chomping down on these.

Time To Shred

Make sure you are choosing to work with a reputable shredding company. Check out their certifications and see what reviews they have from clients they worked with. Look specifically for the NAID AAA Certification.

Once you’ve selected, make your appointment, and sit back and watch the magic happen. Most shred providers will come to your location with a shred truck and destroy the papers right before your eyes. It’s a real sight to behold. When the job is done you will be awarded a certificate of destruction to be kept in your records. This is your proof that you have met the compliance commitments for the safe handling of private documents.


After that, we’ll see you next time you need to purge!