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3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Use A Scheduled Shredding Service

Businesswoman shredding a large stack of paper in an office shredder

In today’s day and age, data security and privacy practices have the utmost priority for businesses and consumers. Regardless of how data is maintained and stored (either digitally or in hard copy), companies should always prioritize safeguarding their data from any breach of fraud. This also includes taking the correct measures when the time comes for the secure destruction of stored data. Scheduled shredding is your best answer to this problem.

When maintaining sensitive data, businesses must take the necessary precautions to minimize mistakes or errors from happening, as such mistakes can have legal consequences. One of the most effective ways to do this is by adopting a Scheduled Shredding program in the office. It might initially seem like an odd suggestion, but once you learn about the benefits of such a program, you will be on board. Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a Scheduled Shredding service to protect both your business and clients:

1. Protect Yours and Your Clients’ Data

It’s pretty straightforward that when you shred your documents and sensitive information, you’re protecting the use duration of those documents. Nevertheless, secure shredding services like Chesapeake Paper Systems make extra steps to make this destruction process as secure as possible. Your documents and data are collected in secured containers and kept until the moment they are scheduled to be serviced at our secure shred facility. This extra step limits the number of people/workers with direct access to this data throughout the shredding process.

2. Reduce Costs/Save Time

Today, most offices have shredders that they use regularly, but it’s not uncommon to see huge piles of papers stacked waiting to be shredded on a small shredder. Having those documents just sitting there can be risky, and there is only so much shredding you can do with an office shredder. Shredding companies like Chesapeake Paper Systems allow businesses to shred large batches all at once. With a scheduled shredding service, all your documents will be shredded regularly, saving you time and energy. In addition, helping you remain compliant with privacy laws.

3. Protect the Environment

A scheduled shredding service also helps protect the environment by guaranteeing that every document is recycled and repurposed once destroyed. Your shredded files are delivered to an authorized recycling facility to be processed. The shredded material is utilized to make a range of paper products at the recycling facility. This recycling process provides a healthier environment by keeping paper waste out of the ecosystem.

A scheduled shredding program service is a wise choice for your company, ensuring legal compliance, avoiding data fraud/identity theft and saving time/money. Contact Chesapeake Paper Systems today and find out more about our shredding options, not only for your paper-based data but also for digital devices.